Prairie State Legal Services

Prairie State Legal Services

(847) 662-6925

975 N. Main St
Rockford, IL - 61103

Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. (PSLS) began serving clients on October 1, 1977. They started with five Illinois offices located in Bloomington (McLean County), Geneva (Kane County), Peoria (Peoria County) Rockford (Winnebago County), and Waukegan (Lake County). Their staff consisted of 15 attorneys, three paralegals, and one or two support persons in each office. About 80% of their funding was from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) through an appropriation by the U.S. Congress.

As a fledgling legal services organization they handled a wide variety of cases for their clients including divorces, evictions, welfare, social security, unemployment insurance, defense in civil tort cases such as assault and battery, and negligent driving defenses. In their early years, there was little prioritization of the types of cases for which they would provide representation and they generally handled “whatever came in the door” for their low income clients.


Public Benefits (Needs-based government assistance)
Family Law
Housing Law
Health Care
Guardianships and Powers of Attorney
Other income benefits where alternative representation is unavailable
Tax Law
Education Issues

They provide assistance in areas of law affecting basic human needs.

Rental ?
Heating ?
Water Bill ?
Cooking Fuel ?
Electricity ?

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